Monday, July 6, 2015

Bolt Action Battle Report: Germans vs Americans Top Secret

A few weekends back I plowed through a brand new US army my Dad.  We are gearing up for a tournament at the end of August and he desperately needed to get a practices game in to shed the BA rust from his treads.   Opposing his US GIs was my army of veteran grenadiers supported by engineers (no flamers-lots of SMGs)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Painting helmets

If you have worn a combat helmet for any length of time you will know that it gets taken off at every chance, dropped on the ground and generally treated rather badly. It is heavy, hot/cold and will constantly annoy you but for all that may save your life so a soldier generally has a love-hate relationship with it. If you lose it then the enemy may be your second worst fear after the Quartermaster. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 8

The Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 8

In episode 8, the guys talk shop before delving into the new Royal Marine PDF and the Germany Strikes book. We also talk to G Patrol winner and all around awesome dude Garratt along side our equally awesome, old pal Tristan about the game, army lists, G Patrol and upcoming events. Come about and check episode 8 out.

Find this episode in your favourite local iTunes store or HERE!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Painting Guide: French Goumiers

Welcome to another step by step painting guide, this time I've chosen a very exotic unit, the Moroccan Goumiers of the French army. This is actually the first squad for a future project, the French Expeditionary Corp in Italy. The miniatures themselves are from the Artizan Designs range. These are fantastic miniatures and are a pleasure to paint. Let's see how to do it...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hungarians vs Bulgarians 1944 AAR

Autumn 1944, the Soviet steam roller enters Hungary itself. Romania and Bulgaria switch sides and turn on their former Axis ally. Desperate Hungarian forces gather for a local counter attack, reconnaissance tanks tell them that there is a section of the Soviet line being held by the lightly armed Bulgarian troops. It's point defense, can the Bulgarians hold off the Hungarian assault?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The British A9 Cruiser Tank

The British A9 Cruiser Mk1tank was designed in the 1930's as a fighting vehicle that would be fast, lightly armed and armoured and would have the role of striking behind enemy lines at vital strategic assets like supply lines. It was also designed and built during the Great Depression and had many cost saving measures with a maximum armour thickness of only 14mm. Its greatest asset however was its top speed of 25mph and the new high velocity QF 2-pounder gun.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bolt Action Season 2 Live

Alright Barbarians its finally here, Bolt Action Season 2.  We poured through you feedback and suggestions, edited, reedited, and for good measure reedited again to make sure that it is as clear as a Gin and Tonic.   We are really excited about the changes this season with fixed weapons and armored transports getting a little love.  We have been play testing and playing nothing but Season 2 for the last two months up here in Alaska and we are totally loving it.  My favorite part is the increased usefulness of infantry medium machine guns.  This season will be up through the end of the year and we would love to hear from you throughout the Season on how the rules are working.  Either leave a post in the forum or contact one of the crew directly through the forum.  As always enjoy and may the dice be with you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The LRDG Podcast: Episode 25

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. The Mouth of Madness and Tobu muster in the LRDG tent to debrief after Lachlan's successful running of a tournament. We also hear directly from the players of said tournament in the return of 'Taking the Thing to the Road'! Season 2 of the Boltaction.net Format and the Warplane rules feature as a topic for discussion, as well as some accessories to decorate your games table and hobby station. Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy!

Or check the direct link HERE.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bolt Action AAR: Fallschirmjager vs US Airborne

Our group is preparing for a tournament at the end of summer and are also wetting our Format Season Two toes.  We got together for Fallschirjager vs Screeming Eagles airborne battle royal.  I recently finished a small Fallschirjager force and wanted to run them.  I also wanted to run them with a captured Sherman.  I paid for a Panzer IV and used a Sherman 76 during the game.  Eventually I am going to get a Sherman and painted it with a cross for my Germans.

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