Thursday, April 30, 2015

Painting Windshields On (Field)cars And Trucks

Howdy gang,

Old Man Morin here with a quick tutorial on how I paint the windshields and windows on vehicles for Bolt Action. Yes, I know it is bright and cartoony but that is the point. I like that vehicles that I paint are bright and "pop" on the tabletop. As a few people on our FB page asked if I could do a walk through of my process. I thought I would share.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bolt Action AAR: US vs Germans Heartbreak Ridge

The crew and I got together for another exciting night of Bolt Action.  We have been teaching some new guys to play recently and getting fairly consistence games in.  Over the last several weeks we payed through all of Old Man Morin's new Missions he's been publishing to the download section of Boltaction.net.  We loved Heartbreak Ridge so much we decided to play it again, this time with Americans and Germans somewhere near Bastonge.

Unofficial Royal Hungarian Army Supplement

Hey guys, Anfernee and Bryan here with something a little different for today's article. We want to share with you a passion project from us that you may find useful and fun for your Bolt Action games as well. After a year of researching, painting and playing with our Hungarian armies, we have certainly noticed the many missing historically fielded units. Rather than complain, we thought we would get off our behinds and put our goulash where our mouth is and produce our own completely unofficial additional units PDF. Read on for our design notes and thoughts on the Royal Hungarian army in Bolt action. Did we mention this was unofficial?

The Boltion.net unoffical Armies of Hungary additional units PDF can be downloaded here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Indian Army Project - Part 1


The forces of the British Empire where compiled of men and women from all over the globe.  Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, Indians, Ghurkas, and Sikhs, to name a few, all fought against the forces of Japan and Germany.  With more than 2.5 million men under arms, the Indian Army was the largest volunteer army in the history of humanity.  While most people remember the men who fought with Sikh and  Ghurka regiments, there is very little attention paid to the average India soldier who fought in places like Ethiopia, the Middle East, Burma, India, North Africa, Italy and Greece.  By wars end, more than 70,000 Indians were killed or wounded.  Indian troops served with honor, with 4,000 of them receiving awards for bravery, including 38 Victoria Crosses.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Product Review - AK Interactive Paints, Weathering Products and the Rubicon Panzer IV!

AK Interactive Paints/Weathering products and the Rubicon Panzer IV!

Hello guys and girls, Tobu here. I recently ordered a set of AK Interactive paints and weathering products - namely the Dunkelgelb modulation set (details here) and the DAK weathering set (clicky), and I wanted to give you guys a rundown on how I got along with them. New paints were all the excuse I needed to purchase a new kit to test them out on and I was entranced by the Siren Song of the new(ish) Panzer IV kit from Rubicon Models (clicky). So this article will also contain a short review of that kit. Schnell!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Ghost Army Podcast and Boltaction.net presents: An Introduction to Bolt Action for new players

The Ghost Army Podcast and Boltaction.net presents an introduction to Bolt Action for new players

In this special episode of the Ghost Army Podcast the guys introduce the game of Bolt Action to new players. Old Man Morin, Patch and Anfernee talk through the game's basic mechanics and units. They also talk about how army building works and discuss some commonly asked questions sent in from newer players. 

If you are new to Bolt Action, we would like to welcome you to the fantastic online community and resources associated with the game.

We hope you enjoy and check out Boltaction.net's other great podcasts. Thank you for your time.

Please note: THIS IS NOT A REGULAR EPISODE OF THE GAP. The GAP will be return shortly with more of the same usual content y'all know and love.

You can find this episode in your local neighbourhood iTunes Store or you can find it HERE.

Conversion Competition Winners!

We recently wound up our conversion competition, sponsored amazing companies, The Assault Group and Campaign Books and Games Logistics.  The calibre of the entries was incredible and made choosing 5 winners incredibly difficult.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Siege of Budapest AAR

Finally my Hungarians are ready for a game, having painted enough to make a solid 1000pt list. I organised to chuck dice with my good mate Kieth on his new and spectacular Ostfront urban table, we knew this was going to be something special. So I recorded it to share with you guys. In honour of the armies involved and the stunning table we were playing on, we decided to set the game sometime during the brutal 3 month siege of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, in winter 1944. Can the desperate Hungarians hold back the Stalinist hordes or will the city fall?

A Review Of The Warlord Games M18 Hellcat

Hey gang,

Old Man Morin here. Today, I am going to take a good close look at one of Warlord's newest resin American armoured fighting vehicle kits. The nimble and deadly M18 Hellcat tank destroyer.

In Bolt Action terms, the Hellcat is unique in that it is the only tank destroyer in the game to have the recce rule. Out of recce vehicles in fact, it has the largest gun in the game. Coming in at 190 points at Regular with Recce and a pintle mounted HMG. The Hellcat is vehicle that is hard to ignore on the tabletop. Warlord's new kit is so nice that with a little work, this little kitty can easily become the centrepiece of your American army.

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