Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rubicon Lend-lease Competition Winner

   The Rubicon Lend-lease Competition has come to a close and we had some great entries.  It's great to see so many players adding cinematic elements to really bring their games to life.  So sit back and enjoy a look the destruction wrought by you BARbarians. (Winner at bottom)

Painting Hungarian Tanks

Welcome to the third article in my series on modelling and painting the mighty Royal Hungarian Army. This time around we are talking tanks. During the second world war, Hungary produced many of it's own unique AFV's as well as being supplied with some German Panzers. In Bolt Action the armoured vehicles really are what gives the Hungarian list it's unique flavour, and you'll be sure to include at least a few of them in your reinforced platoon. So lets get painting!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bolt Action Radio Episode 31

In Bolt Action Radio, Judson and Dano get together to answer questions regarding the Bolt Action Dot Net Format. Curious about your 1:48 tank mounting a vehicle flame thrower? They talk about it here. Wondering why open-topped ended up shaking up the way it did? Find out in episode thirty-one. These, and many more questions you probably never knew you wanted to ask are answered in this latest edition of Bolt Action Radio.

If you would like the  direct link to this episode... You can find it here.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

AARticle: Germans vs British Desert Tank War

Got a proper Tank War game in again.  1250 points vs 1250 points.  Andy and I have been slowly working on our desert armor forces and finally got enough tanks done to fake a battle.  I have to admit I have never been a big fan of the desert, until about turn three of this game.  Maybe its because I am burnt out on Normandy and Russian, but armor in the desert was great.  This was also one of the best games of Bolt Action I have played in a while.  Our lists had the right mix of armor and infantry to make the game interesting and fun.  We also used the Boltaction.net Format for game play.

OXI - Greek Army Project Part 4 - Captured L3 Tankettes from Arctic Skunk

My Greek army continues to find little additions to add to its ranks.  This week I managed to find and add some L3 Tankettes I came across while exploring Shapeways 3D Printing.  The Greeks put captured Italian L3s Tankettes to use against their former master during the Greco Italian War and the subsequent invasion by the Germans.  These little tankettes were hardly a match for the mighty  German Panzers, but were put to good use against the Italians.  The Greeks can take them with either the dual MMG option or anti tank rifle option, or as I call them the Italian StuG.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Speakeasy Episode 30

In Episode 30 of Speakeasy, Dano reacts to his first game using the Bolt Action Dot Net Format rules. This is an extended shop talk session immediately following a game, so all the major topics get mentioned. Light machine guns, flamethrowers - you name it. As a reminder, the Speakeasy crew invites you to weigh in with your own experiences in using the new rules - found here: http://network.wwpd.net/BAD/BADNSeason1_Pack.pdf - on the forum or on facebook. .

(For those that don't know, subscriptions provide access to all WWPD premium content, and Speakeasy represents just a fraction of the whole. - Judson)

Download here! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hungarian Officers and Veterans

Hi guys, welcome to the second installment of modelling and painting a Royal Hungarian Army platoon. Last time I gave a guide to getting the bulk of your force, the regular infantry, on the table. Now, it's time for some Officers to lead them as well as some ideas for late war Veteran troops.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

OXI- Greek Army Project Part 3 - Armor Support

A quick update on the progress of my Greek army.  I added some armored support to force in the form of FT-17 tanks from Trenchworx.  These Great War relics saw limit service in the Greek army, so limited it is unclear if they actually saw combat against the Axis.  Regardless there were several in Greek service and so I added two to my Greek army.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bolt Action Dot Net Format

For some time now, niggling issues in an otherwise outstanding system, such as the value of light machine guns, have bothered many players the world over. As is its right to do, Warlord Games has decided not to make changes in response to these limited problems.

Rather than address known flaws in the system - of course the term "flaw" is highly subjective - Warlord Games has opted to release a stream of content which is almost in its entirety labeled as optional. Questions regarding rules are sometimes answered by stating simply that they are optional rules and are to be used only if both players agree. This has predictably left some players wondering when, if ever, an update to the rules might be expected. Now that the third year has begun, I've put together a Bolt Action Dot Net rules packet in the attempt to address these universally identified sticking points in the rules.

Review of Blitzkrieg Miniatures 25 Pounder

I had a sweet package from Blitzkrieg Miniatures arrive at my doorstep a few weeks back containing a 25 Pounder, a Matilda II and Stuart for my Australian in the Pacific. These are the first items I have purchased from this company and I was very impressed to say the least, in particular the 25 Pounder is just a great bit of kit and I thought I would tell you guys about it in this review.

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