Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rubicon Models Panzer III Review

The other week I reviewed the new Rubicon M4A3 Sherman, but today I have the lovely Panzer III for review.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Frontline Gaming City Mat

Frontline Gaming made a big splash recently with there one of a kind battle mats.  For those of you not familiar with Frontline Gaming battle mats, they are essentially a giant mouse pad with a terrain graphic printed on it.  The original battle mat was a grassy field.  Nemesis Andy from Judson's NYC crew brought this bad boy down to Cold Wars this year and it was amazing to play on.  Back in Alaska my buddy, GI Joe scored a new front line mat at our local convention, AK Battle Brothers, in August.  GI Joe opted not to get the grassy mat and instead scored their new city mat.

Wrap Up From MOAB in Sydney, Australia


Sunday, October 19, 2014

White Washing Tanks

In September, I mentioned that I intended to do some winter-themed tanks in an attempt at representing a white wash camouflage typically seen on the eastern front in the winter of 1942 to 1943. After some easy to replicate steps, I'm very satisfied with the results, especially considering the amount of time dedicated to the project.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bolt Action Radio Episode 29

Episode 29 is here and things have gone so crazy people are calling their light machine guns "assault rifles!" The world is upside-down! Since recently everyone has had more reason than ever before to get tanks on the table, tanks are the topic that kicks everything off. Things get all Bolt Action Radio'ed up before long, though, and nearly every hot button topic gets some attention.

Download the BAR here! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dutch reinforced platoon for the Pacific

Here we proudly present a guest post from a passionate Bolt Action player and forum member Chris, who fielded this Dutch army at the recent MOAB tournament in Sydney, Australia. This KNIL (Royal Netherlands East Indies army) platoon is not only quite possibly the only Dutch army being played in Bolt Action in Australia so far but is a truly unique hobby effort. No suprises that it won the coveted "Hano-swag" award at the tournament. An award that celebrates historical and 'cool' units over points efficient ones. Chris explains why it's always good to go with 'cool'...

This Is War: Opening Skirmish - Player Pack


A Melbourne Based, 3 game, 750 point Bolt Action tournament

This Is War: Opening Skirmish will be held at the Hampton Games Club on Saturday December 6th.  The event starts promptly at 10AM.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: Blitzkrieg Miniatures' Semovente 47/32

I got my hands on my first Blitzkrieg Miniatures' model, the Italian Semovente 47/32. Cast from a 3D print, this is one of the smartest tanks I've seen. Its detail is sharp and assembly is basically non existent. There was also zero cleanup. The Semovente 47/32 was an Italian self propelled gun that mounted a 47mm anti tank gun on the L6 chassis.  It was the most heavily armed Italian armored fighting vehicle on the Eastern Front and used in eastern Europe after Italy's surrender to fight partisans. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Old Man Morin's Post MOAB Thoughts OR Do Mechanised Armies Work in Bolt Action

Well Gang,

MOAB is done for another year and, as usual, I am glad that I made the trip up. It is always great to catch up with Bolt Actioners from around eastern/southern Australia. Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney has a growing BA scene made up of really rad people, many of whom I finally got a chance to play against/ get to know better.  I want to thank all those folks who dropped by to say “howdy.”  It was great connecting people’s faces to online handles and FB profiles. 

Boltaction.net Presents Something New: The Ghost Army Podcast

We at Boltaction.net would like to welcome a new BA themed podcast to the fold: The Ghost Army Podcast. 

The GAP is an new Australia based Bolt Action podcast with a community focus. Old Man Morin, Patchimus Prime, Anfernee "The Rocket Man" and Bryan "The Cookie Monster" talk about BA tactics, upcoming and past events, WW2 history and model painting. Special guests will abound in this monthly podcast.

Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 1:
Patch and Brad introduce the world to the Ghost Army crew before having an in-depth discussion of the Bolt Action tournament at this year's MOAB event. 

In segment two the guys talk to Paul from Blitzkrieg about their design process, upcoming releases and their philosophy about modelling for gamers. 

In the final segment the guys talk to the grand daddy of the game, Alessio, about his growing American army, controversial rules, tournaments AND the future of Bolt Action. 

To Download Episode 1 Please CLICK HERE or find all of Boltaction.net's fantastic podcasts on the WWPD iPod/IPad App.

We would LOVE to get your feedback about The Ghost Action Podcast. Please let us know what you think on our forums and on our Facebook page.

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