Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Painting Guide for DAK – A beginners Guide

Hey all, so I am almost finished an army for the indomitable Old Man Morin who’s thirst for new armies knows no bounds however his ability to find time to paint them all is as likely as just splashing a new coat on the Great Wall of China in a week.   He presented me with an army of Deutsche Afrika Corp (DAK) to knock over and I accepted the challenge with anticipation as I have been really keen to try out some techniques I have been learning from reading the Painting War.

Now I am nowhere near as proficient or talented a painter as other members of this site but I like to think that I can produce effective tabletop miniatures in a manner that anyone can do regardless of experience or skill level. I have also found that there are a lot of really nice guides out there but that sometimes the techniques seem a little intimidating for a beginner painter or someone who has been doing something a certain way for a while.
Here is a guide on how to paint the DAK uniform just like I have done here, it may not be technically correct or historically accurate but it looks effective on the table and for beginners and those looking to expand past single coats and washes may be very rewarding.

I started off by using a bone coloured primer from the Army Painter spray can range (with one bottle you could do a couple of these armies so I find them very useful). You could use any light coloured primer but I found the bone to be closer to the feel I wanted. Remember if you use a dark primer your colours will naturally be darker, for dudes always in the blazing hot sun I feel light colours are more appropriate. 

 I then did the first coats, the uniform is brown Vallejo Brown Violet 70.887  , the flesh is Vallejo Tan 72066 with the rest being Vallejo German Pale Brown 70.825 and Vallejo Tan Yellow 70.912. You may think the colour is really dark initially however once we start blending only the recesses will remain this colour.

Next step is a 50/50 Brown Violet 70.887 and Vallejo Desert Yellow 70.977 and this is used to paint over all the highlighted areas that will be blended more, leave the recesses as the original colour.

 For the next phase you can just go straight  Desert Yellow 70.977 but make sure you leave some of the previous colour showing towards the edge of the areas you paint leading into the recesses. This helps to show a layered effect.

 We then move to a Vallejo Panzer Aces Highlights British Tanker 321. Paint smaller areas focusing on the higher areas and peaks of uniform creases.

 Last colour we introduce is Vallejo Ivory White 70.918, mix this in a 50/50 with the British Uniform and highlight areas you think need it, remember that bold highlights stand out more so do not be shy in applying this but be careful of not letting it take over.

 I then use the Army Painter soft tone ink to black line certain areas to make then stand out as well as enhancing the darker areas, remember that most of the work should have been done by the layering so small applications only, splashing It on should not be required.

I have used the following on the other aspects of the troops, it just the colour only as there are plenty of other guides on flesh etc:
•             Gun Metal Grey for the SMG and goggles, with a splash of black blue wash;
•             Tan Yellow 70.912 for the pouches with some Army Painter Strong Tone wash;
•             German light brown for the webbing straps and water bottle cover;
•             Black for the boots; and
•             Tan Flesh blended with dwarf skin and ivory for the flesh tones.

Good Luck!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Smoke 'Em If You've Got 'Em

Today we have a tasty contribution by our old buddy Uncle Mal. If you were are at Cancon last year you would know Mal as one of the guys helping run the show. A prolific BA player, Mal is going to walk us through the joy of… smoke!  

I love smoking. I really do.

And while I am now amongst the ranks of the painfully sanctimonious ex-smoker brigade when it comes to cigarettes, it is a very different story when playing Bolt Action. When playing with my little army men I really find smoke to be one of the best tools to have at your disposal.

What? Why? But you can’t kill anyone with smoke! No you can’t… well not directly.
Many of you have come over from other gaming systems where there is a fantasy or magic component. And when we started with those games we always took the fire mage, or whatever, just because we wanted to inflict direct damage on our opponents with balls of fire or calling down lightning. Boom! Pow! Your guys are dead! But as time went on and you finessed your game, you found value in the other magic types…. Increasing your speed, slowing your enemy, reducing their effectiveness etc. and you began to play the game a bit smarter. Your force became less of a blunt instrument and tactics came to the fore.
With this in mind, let me share with you the joys of “smoke magic”.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

French army project: the vehicles

After painting 2 platoons of infantry for my French colonial reinforced platoon, it is time to work on some armoured support. Surprisingly, the colonial French forces have access to a few unique and useful AFV's and transports. You won't find any great tanks in the list but there are some hidden gems in there that really add a different flavour and play style. Let's have a look at each, en avant!

Friday, July 25, 2014

New Bolt Action Shirts available at Wargaming Shirts UK!

New release from Wargaming Shirts.

We are proud to announce the release of our first range of Bolt Action shirts which we have been working on with our friends over at Warlord Games.  This range of shirts has the Bolt Action logo across the back and your favorite troops in the thick of the action on the front.  This first wave covers the ‘Big four’ with the UK, US, Soviet and German shirts.  Don’t worry if we have missed out your favorite nation as we have a lot more shirts to come.

For those of you who don’t know us Wargaming Shirts is run by Steve MacLauchlan from the WWPD network and Gary ‘Big Gazza’ Martin.  We supply top quality Wargames related shirts direct from either the U.S.A. at Wargaming Shirts or from the U.K. at Wargaming Shirts UK.  Just pick which site you are closest too and get your order in. Please Note: Unfortunately, the US store's provider is not accepting new shirt designs, so the Bolt Action shirts are not quite available but we are currently looking at moving printers, we'll let you know when that happens!

Enough of the talk, have a look at the shirt artwork. This artwork can be printed on a variety of sizes and colors!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bolt Action Radio Episode 25

In the twenty-fifth edition of Bolt Action Radio Judson is joined by CH, C-Bax, and Dano Colrissian. The boys kick things off with some tournament announcements for future events around the world, as well as events that have already passed! Baxter let's Chris know that Gordon and his NVA guerrillas are gunning for him; a bunch of tank related shop talk, questions, and predictions happen; and a compete participant list shop takes place based on the troops brought to the Historicon events. A big consider congratulations go out to Brad and Kirsten for getting hitched, too!

Download the BAR here! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Armored Platoons will be Standard

Yesterday morning, for those of us on the east coast of the United States, Alessio Cavatore dropped a big surprise in our laps. It was something that I, after reading the review copy, said was not going to happen in Bolt Action. As Alessio made quite clear in his article, however, I had interpreted it incorrectly.

As it turns out, the upcoming Armored Platoons are indeed intended to be used alongside the Reinforced Platoons we're used to, and not only in separate one-off games.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Tamiya Sdkfz 222 Armored Car

Need a cheap Armored Car to include in your German force? Consider getting an SDKFZ 222.  This little guy is really cool looking with his 20mm cannon and MG-34.  While not the best armored car in Bolt Action, it has some great lines which make it one of the sportiest looking of the armored cars.  It is also essential if you want Hanoswag (TM - J) points for your early war army.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Look At The National WWII Museum

Having recently returned from my honeymoon tour of the United States, I thought I would switch gears from our usual article topics to tell you about the National WWII Museum. You might be surprised to learn that such a large and well resourced WWII museum is located in New Orleans, a city more known for great food, strong drink and loose morals. Initially called the National D-Day Museum when it opened more than ten years ago, the museum unsurprisingly focused on the lead up to, the event of, and the aftermath of the D-Day invasion. New Orleans was chosen as the location because Andrew Higgins, the inventor of the D-Day landing boats, lived there along with his company that made literally thousands of landing craft for the Allies over the course of the war. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

AAR: USMC v Japanese in a game of Point Defence

Recently I played a 1000 game where my USMC faced off against Japanese ran by a friend of the site (Mal). We were eagerly anticipating this game as both of us built our forces for the express reason to fight the opposing nation so it was a historical grudge off!

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