Monday, August 31, 2015

BOLT ACTION The Morining After: Old Man Morin Responds...

By: Old Man Morin

The last 24 hour hours have been interesting in the boltaction.net bunker. In case you missed it, Commodore Judson posted his thoughts about the direction of Bolt Action in his explaining why boltaction.net was merging with WWPD. Since then, let’s just say… The internet has been hot with feedback, questions and criticism.

I am here to set the record straight and clarify some serious misconceptions that some people have had regarding the post and… well…. us.

To begin with, it is important to acknowledge that the staff at boltaction.net are unpaid fans of the game and there are a lot of us. Each of us have our own thoughts and opinions regarding life, love and Bolt Action. While I may not entirely agree with all of Jud’s points, I can definitely see where he is coming from.

Transition Time for Betty, the Boys and BoltAction.Net

It is a time of transition at BoltAction.Net.

That doesn't mean we're throwing an improvised anti-tank charge into your tracks from inches away, though! What it means, in simplest terms, is that articles relating to Bolt Action or 28mm Second World War gaming will appear on www.wwpd.net, and the web address www.boltaction.net will redirect readers to wwpd.net. Read below for more details, and a short thank you.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Video review of Patch's FJ force, fresh of the painting table.

Hey Team,

Check out this short video of the FJ force that I have just completed for a friend using miniatures from Black Tree Design and Artizan Designs.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Review of Copplestone Castings' Chinese Infantry and Cavalry

Hey Gang,

Many of you following the boltaction.net Facebook page have seen my WIP progress shots over the last week, as I prepare my new WW2 Chinese forces for painting. Enough people have asked where I got the models that I thought I would share the treasure that is Copplestone Castings's Chinese range.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The GAP Goes to Wintercon! (A New Ghost Army Podcast Bonus Episode!)

The GAP Goes To Wintercon 

Tristan, Garratt and Rob hit the road to Canberra for Wintercon. We cover our respective lists, some rules crunch and also manage to catch up with our good friends Patch, Anf and Bryan!!

Find this episode in your local iTunes store or click HERE for a direct link.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Preparing a JTFM Vehicle (Part 2)

  Patch is back!  After priming the JTFM T-34/76, he has moved on to how to give it a nice white wash behind the ears.  If you enjoy these kinds of tutorials or have any requests, let us know on the forum.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grudge Matches

Recently I made the long trip to chilly Canberra from an equally chilly Melbourne, to take part in an incredible experience: Wintercon.  Wintercon was my first interstate tournament and it was with a sense of excitement that I made the trip as I knew I was going to be throwing dice with a new friend, rival and now nemesis.  I had grudged one of most well known names in our community: Patch.  Now the result of our match was completely inconsequential.  Win, loss or draw, I knew I'd walk away with a smile on my face because I knew full well that there would be laughter, maybe some tears and afterward our friendship would be stronger for having met one another on the field of battle.

Grudge matches are an excellent opportunity for any player, no matter their level of experience, to be able to pick out an opponent and throw dice.  I've had a few grudge matches over my short time in BA and every time they've ended with a smile, a handshake and generally a good laugh. Because we have such a small community, it's common that we see one another frequently during our local events.  In fact, after the last 3 Melbourne based events, I can count on seeing familiar faces everytime a new event comes along.  So when we hit the road and travel somewhere new, it's great to find new and unfamiliar faces to roll against.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wintercon 2015 part 1: The French

Ever heard of a French force winning a Bolt Action event? It's not often you'll see the French up there, rubbing shoulders with the major powers like the US and Soviets. But here in Australia we recently had a two day double event, Wintercon 2015. Day 1 was 'Early War' themed, which allowed the French to really shine, eventually taking out the top spot with 'best minor power' and 'best general'. It wasn't an easy victory though...game one I faced off against the Blitzkrieg master himself, Patch, with his lovely Germans.  To throw in front of the advancing Germans I took the disposable heroes of the French Foreign Legion.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 9

In this special Wintercon episode of the GAP; Brad, Anf and Patch get down with some crunchy chat about lists, hobby in general and of course the amazing rollercoaster that was the grudge match between Tristan and Patch. Tristan himself and Garratt come on as well and give a game by game breakdown of the amazing event that was Wintercon 2015.

For the direct link please click HERE or find us in your friendly neighbourhood iTunes store,

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