Friday, August 31, 2012

DAK Panzer IV (WIP)

I recently ordered a Panzer IV and a British Grant from Company B.  They shipped them out to me quickly and were very friendly.  So far, very good experiences with them!  Anyways, I couldn't wait to get to work on them, and decided to start with the Panzer IV.  This is just a few WIP photos, the next time you see this thing it'll be ready to chase Tommy armor around the desert!
All dry fit

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Warlord Bolt Action T34/85

Hey gang! Here's some work by a long-time WWPD posse member Scott Simoneau. If anyone else has any work-in-progress or completed 28mm models they'd like to show off, feel free to drop me a line at: judson@wwpd.net
Thanks for the submission, Scott!

I've gotten a lot of questions about the vehicles in Bolt Action. As until a week ago, I had never actually seen one of Warlord's Bolt Action tanks, so I figured I'd put up some pictures of one!

Monday, August 27, 2012

AAR: Envelopment: Germans vs French (15mm)

Here's our 2nd game! We screwed up far fewer rules this time, and tried some new mechanics like forward artillery observers. We also tried a multiple platoon approach. The French used the British army list. The SOMUA was pointed as an M5 Stuart. The Panhard as an M8 Greyhound. The Panzer II was a Luchs. We let it keep recon to represent some sort of tactical initiative? I dunno, it just worked out, okay?

So the mission is ENVELOPMENT.  In Envelopment, the attacker (after a preliminary bombardment) must move on his "first wave" from his board edge.  The first wave has to be at least half of your units.  In our battle Joe elected to have his First Wave be his entire army.

The defenders can deploy up to half of their units in reserve, though they don't have to.  Units on the board can be placed in "Hidden Deployment" which basically makes them nearly impossible to hit so long as they are in cover and the enemy don't get close enough to reveal them.

The mission lasts 6 turns, with a 50% chance of lasting 7 (you roll at the end of 6 to see if 7 happens).  The attacker scores Victory points for: Getting units off the defender's board edge (3), having units in the defender's deployment zone at the end of the game (2), and killing enemy units (1 pt).

The defender only gets victory points for destroying attacking units (2).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scenarios: Envelopment and Maximum Attrition

BOLT ACTION at Guns of August 2012
In BOLT ACTION, as in any miniature wargame, you and your opponent can decide to drop all of your models on the table and have at each other, the game continuing until one player doesn't have anything left. While this can be fun, and help you get a grasp on the rules without having to learn the rules of a scenario at the same time, I feel that scenarios are the only way to play. This is true for me across rules systems. If there's no objective to drive either player across the board, then what drives conflict, other than an overwhelming desire to roll dice and a senseless lust for simulated bloodshed?
Reading that last sentence, I realize the question answers itself; but let's pretend for a moment that you've come to the gaming table in search of an experience where the goal was something more than simply destroying your opponent's forces. You want your units to be in pursuit (or defense) of some objective while they destroy your opponent's forces! That's where scenarios come in!

We plan on covering all of the scenarios included in the rulebook. This article covers Envelopment and Maximum Attrition.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AAR: Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Rock Dieppe!

For those of you that haven't heard of them, the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts gaming group put on a spectacular looking game simulating Dieppe with the Bolt Action rules! Dieppe Game Report - Bolt Action Rules

Check 'em out! It's a good batrep!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AAR: Germans vs Soviets (15mm) Maximum Attrition

Here it is! Our first attempt at playing Bolt Action. This is going to be a bit rules light since I am overwhelmed with newness. We had to thumb through the rulebook quite a bit, but I feel good that we came to resolution with everything fine. We weren't left with any outstanding questions per se, more like we just forgot to apply things. All in all, I really liked the way Bolt Action played! We were both always engaged. No down time. I mean, except for all the going down our troops did!

 I forget the exact points each side had, but it was around 950 per side.

 Playing in 15mm with the guys on bases really was not difficult at all. We had to track when specific weapon teams died, but was easily accomplished by placing one of Litko's "Obviously Dead" tokens over the figure. All of the squads were correct to their models*, so only occasionally did we need to look closely to see who was an SMG and who was a rifle!

 *The only exception was the mortar observer was only 1 man (not 2 as represented on the board), and the 45mm AT Gun was manned by 2 people (not 3 as represented on the board). The mission we played was Maximum Attrition.  Our forces enter the board as they are activated, with some having the option for being in reserve.  Some of those reserve units can wait and attempt a flank move.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Planning My First Forces!

When I decided to get into Bolt Action, I planned to make two opposed armies so I can run games with my friends.  As I have absolutely zero suitable 28mm Western Europe terrain, and I want me battles to look good for battle reports, I decided to go with my favorite campaign- the war in North Africa!  Obviously the armies presented in the books are geared towards late war, but much of the equipment was available in early '43 so that's when I'll be solidly basing my armies.

I've decided that I want British rifles and German Panzergrenadiers.  I'm going to do both veteran, and ultimately since these will be starter forces designed to help teach people (myself included!) how to play, I'm going to make the lists fairly similar to each other.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Orders, Sir?

There are few things in this world I enjoy more than breaking open a brand new rulebook and wrapping my head around all its intricacies. I'm sure that sounds sadistic to some of you, but for those like-minded individuals out there, you understand the sense of satisfaction I'm talking about. A request was recently made on our forum by "braxen" for a general explanation of how the game plays, and since at this game's core is it's unique order system, I decided to start by writing about those orders.

Shots of the beautiful work of Gary "big-gazza" Martin have been included to spice things up. Check out his blog here.

WWPD Community member "big-gazza" generously supplied the painted minis featured in this article. Check out those advancing SS soldiers!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WIP - US Airborne Lt


     Welcome to the first of many postings regarding WIPS aka Works In Progress. I am Joe ... aka Mezz ... of WWPD welcoming all of you to a new adventure of 28 mm Bolt Action Rules System.

     My first units to be assembled are a box set of US Airborne.  I decided to do one figure at a time to get my methods of assembly and painting straight.  First up will be our Lt.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bolt Action - Three First Impressions

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my "Three Firsts" review of BOLT ACTION, a 28mm WW2 ruleset by Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing.

First Look:  At first glance, BOLT ACTION is a 28mm miniatures table-top wargame.  This hard-cover book is published in an uncommon shape akin to a small cookbook of 217 color laminated pages.  Four armies, with their associated points costs, are described within the pages for you to dream up recipes for war and the utter destruction of your unwitting opponents.  The last 6 pages crams in all the tables and charts that may be needed for quick referencing during game play.  The artwork within is fine Osprey standard, but the model pictures were the grabber for me.  These pictures of painted models in gameplay action made me form a mental "Standard of Play" for future games, terrain and painting.

So, 28mm World War 2?...sounds fantastic to me!  I'm humming marching songs...I'm imitating machine-guns and tank movement vocally...already!  Time to dive in and read.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WWII German Infantry Plastic Box Set Unboxing

After an intial read-through of the new Bolt Action rulebook and a quick demo at Historicon, I knew Bolt Action was something I wanted to check out. It didn't take long to figure out one HQ section and two infantry squads were the compulsary selections for any legal list, and Warlord Games sells plastic infantry box sets that come with just that! What a coincidence! Dano and I had agreed to play Germans and Americans, respectively, when we first got into Flames of War, so this time we agreed to switch it up. I happily picked up a German infantry plastic box set from a booth at Historicon. This box will set you back $36.00 according to the company's website. Although I'll miss painting things Khaki, Field Drab, and Brown Violet, I'd secretly always had a little schwerpunkt envy. The transition to German was destined to happen!

Warlord Games' German infantry plastic box set. The box itself took a beating courtesy of TSA, but the contents were no worse for the wear - and regardless of the interrogators' best efforts, the men surrendered nothing!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bolt Action Rulebook Review

I first heard about Bolt Action (Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games) from my long-time, gamer compadre Dano. His FLGS had received a draft copy of the rules, and after checking them out, he called me.

Bolt Action, by Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games

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