Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WWPD Steve's Brit 8th WiP - The Conclusion

(Looks like SonBae's wrapped up his commission work for Steve! Hope you enjoy the name "Leftenant Willoughby" as much as I did! - Judson)


"All  right now Smithers, lets head over to the artillery units.  We need to get some heavier firepower for these lads."

"Wait...Stop the jeep! You lot there.  Come here. I want to have a word with you."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Soviet Army List Generator

Here it comes! The fourth and final (for now) Bolt Action List Utility from BoltAction.Net! The Soviet Lister!

Inexperienced Time!

WWPD Steven's Brit 8th Army WiP---The Story rolls on

"Colonel Blatherington...Colonel Blatherington sir!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Painting Contest!

You're already painting new models for Bolt Action - you might as well get rewarded for it!

These three images courtesy of good ol' Gary Martin.

That's right, we're kicking off the first ever BoltAction.Net painting competition!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Armies of Germany Review

It's a wonderful yet terrible feeling when you get your hands on the copy of the book you've been waiting for on a Friday evening. On the one hand, you finally get what you've been waiting for! On the other hand, are you really going to spend Friday night reading it?

This is the worst/best parcel to ever arrive at my house on a Friday.

Why, yes. Yes I did spend Friday night reading Warlord Games' and Osprey Publishing's first supplement to the Bolt Action rules: Armies of Germany. Turns out, it was a Friday night well spent!

Friday, October 19, 2012

WWPD Steve's DAK The Story Continues (Plus Commonwealth Lister)

(Here's another installment in SonBae's series, and since the narrator is apparently British, it's only fair to unveil the Bolt Action Dot Net Commonwealth List Utility! as well. - Judson)

British Military Headquarters --- Tobruk

"Colonel Blatherington, sir....I hate to interrupt your Tea, but that SAS Captain is waiting outside and he says he has an update for you."

"Oh quite right ???....quite right.  Thank you Smithers.  Do show the Captain in now, there's a good lad."

Captain Blythe-Smith of the SAS enters the tent and spots Colonel Blatherington sitting at a field desk with a tea set and some biscuits spread out on the lid of tin. "Sir!  You shouldn't have!  A cuppa is just what I need after that trek I tell you." 

Captain Blythe-Smith stamps his feet and sand and dust fall from his clothes as he walks towards Colonel Blatherington and the tea set.

"Hmm?  What?  Cheeky lad...but of course come on over...just be careful not to make the tent look like a Khamsin just hit as you walk over.  What do you have for me?

"You're not going to like it, sir...the enemy position has strengthened.  I have some new photos of these additional troops.  They have support weapons now...a mortar and a Tripod mounted MG42..as well as a handful of troops to support those weapons. First the aerial shots...."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"M4 Sherman VS Type 97 Chi-Ha" Book Review

Last night I read "M4 Sherman VS Type 97 Chi-Ha", by Steven J. Zaloga, and published by Osprey Publishing. I couldn't resist checking it out, because in my limited experience, all I had ever heard about Japanese armor was negative.
M4 Sherman VS Type 97 Chi-Ha, written by Steven Zaloga, illustrated by Richard Chasemore, and published by Osprey Publishing.
Mr. Zaloga gives some great insights throughout the book, comparing Japanese tanks and doctrine with that of the Americans in the Pacific.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bolt Action Radio Episode 2

In episode two (Click to Download), Dano and Judson dive into list building in Bolt Action. The topics are covered as follows:

00:00 - Intro, Making a List
05:30 - Platoon Breakdown
08:00 - HQ
14:34 - Infantry Squads
24:23 - Break
25:29 - Support
28:41 - Captain or Major
31:55 - Medic
38:08 - Forward Observer
47:20 - Machine Guns
55:50 - Mortars
62:00 - Snipers
68:00 - Flamethrowers
72:22 - Anti-Tank Team
76:21 - Big Guns
82:37 - Break
82:58 - Armored Cars
84:13 - Tanks
88:28 - Transports
95:30 - List Closeout
96:35 - Listers
99:20 - Fall-In

Friday, October 12, 2012

Infantry Explosion (Plus New Lister!)

In its current, one-book state, our handy Bolt Action rulebook tells us that our forces must contain one infantry platoon. So no matter what list you're making, that means you're going to spend some points on infantry - at least two squads and a lieutenant, to be precise. That being the case, you've gotta' put a little thought into exactly what your little men are going to carry into battle.

The ending battle in Saving Private Ryan taught me that I should pick the helmet as my weapon. Throw!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WWPD Steve's DAK WIP Part 2

British Headquarters in Tobruk
"Sir!....We have the photos from the aerial recon to the West.  We found a small patrol of Jerries."

Monday, October 8, 2012

AAR: Germans vs Americans: Demolition

Recently I traveled to Maine to practice running our Bolt Action game for Fall-In with Dano. Some of the guys from the area generously volunteered (suckers!) to be our test subjects. We decided we wanted to run a game where both players need to advance on an objective - Demolition fit the bill!

The Germans and Americans square-off, a ruined village dividing them. The small buildings in their deployment zones are the objectives.

Friday, October 5, 2012

German Army List Generator


Within days of receiving my copy of Bolt Action, courtesy of Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games I was ready to start making my own army lists for the game. Actually, "ready" isn't really the right word - I could think of nothing else. It was occupying all of my mind's free time, which is something I'm sure most of you have experienced. Unfortunately, there was a big draw back to being one of the first members of the public to get their hands on a copy of it - no one else had it at that point! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and write up a quick (or so I imagined) list generating spreadsheet.

It was anything but quick, until I met Duncan Stradling, now WWPDDuncan. During the next month of development, he proved an immense help on the project, and now represents Bolt Action .Net in England; so expect much more to come from Duncan.

You don't want to read my words, though. You want your lister! That said, I'm very pleased to introduce to you the boltaction.net German Army List Generator!

Bolt Action .Net's very own lister, available free in the Downloads section!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Warlord's British Infantry Unboxing

Hello Chaps,

     I recently received in the mail a package from Judson.  I am humble to say that he wanted me to assemble and paint his British infantry and HQ for Fall-In 2012.  It is a perfect time to open up the box and get you the reader some inside views of the plastics.  The British Infantry Box Set from Warlord Games.
How can this box NOT get you excited ?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bolt Action Radio Episode 1!

Dano and Judson welcome you to the first episode of Bolt Action Radio - welcome to the BAR!  In the show, the boys talk about how they got into Bolt Action, how they ended up joining the WWPD crew and the rest of the story behind starting BoltAction.Net. In addition, they mention their first impressions of the game, and offer a glimpse of what they have planned for Fall-In.
Links mentioned in this episode:
Black Tree Designs - WWII Metal 28mm models
Warlord Games
Osprey Publishing
Pegasus Hobbies
Could not find a site for Imex- but google is your friend!

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