Friday, March 29, 2013

Warlord Games M24 Chaffee Review

Judson recently got in a batch of stuff to review from Warlord Games.  Since I am doing the Americans, I took a swing at their M24 Chaffee.  Let's dive in!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

AAR: Bocage Boogie

(Big thanks to Ron Bigham for another great battle report! - J)
AAR “Bocage Boogie”, 10 July 1944

Our Wednesday Bolt Action game in Mechanicsville was a “Bocage Boogie” fought in Normandy, July 1944. This was the first time we'd played a scenario from the book. It was a modified “Hold until Relieve” scenario. The modification included: Instead of a placed objective the attacker (USA) must choose of 1 of the 3 bocage fields in the center of the battlefield. It had to be cleared of the enemy (no Germans within 3” of the surrounding bocage). The Germans started the game with 1 squad of infantry and had to choose the sandbagged PaK 40 as their 2nd team.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Warlord Waffen SS Box Set

I recently got my hands on a box set of Warlord Games: Waffen SS from their Bolt Action miniature line.  The box contains 20 metal Waffen SS figures for $47.  That ends up being about $2.50 a figure.  In the box you get a 81mm mortar team, a HQ section with officers, a medic, and radio team, and a squad of SS with one LMG team and two figures armed with assault rifles.  One thing the box did not contain was bases, which you will have to pick up on your own.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Armies of the Soviet Union

The Armies of Great Britain book was still fresh in my mind, when out of the blue this little surprise showed up on the doorstep:

In Mother Russia, we send our preview copies early!

There are a lot of Soviet players out there that have been waiting patiently (ha!) behind the other big three nations for their book. This book didn't disappoint me, and it won't disappoint you! Armies of the Soviet Union, here we come!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bolt Action Radio Episode 8!

Bolt Action Radio Episode 8 is Live!
The boys show back up at The BAR after an extended break for Cold Wars. Dano grills Judson about the convention, and maybe more importantly, tournament he attended. To wrap things up, they talk about The Armies of Great Britain and make promises they'll most likely fail to keep. This episode is packed, so pull up a stool a crack a cold one for the Cold Wars chat!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Bandai Panzer IV H

In a previous post I reviewed 1/48 scale T-34/76s and SU-85 kit from Bandai, which I got in a crazy awesome deal.  I absolutely loved those models and could not wait to tear into the other kits I scored.  Looking through the rest of the stack of models I decided to start with a Panzer IV H, because it will get a lot of table time.  Like the T-34s and SU-85 this model had both internal and external pieces.  I chose not to assemble the internal parts to save time and prevent headaches. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tutorial: Order Dice Holders

(After some inquiries on our forum, Craig Baxter obliges the curious with a how-to guide. - Judson)

In the last AAR that I posted, you may have noticed little holders for our Bolt Action order dice.  These little trays of awesome were invented by my buddy Joe and with his permission he has allowed me to share the secrets of his genius.   These order dice holders are great game aids that look nice and help players keep track of orders.  The little trays hold the order dice and minimize accidental bumping, moving, misplacement of the order dice during game play.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cold Wars Bolt Action 2013

The first Bolt Action tournament I've been able to attend took place March 9th at Cold Wars, inside one of the Lancaster Host's many halls, in (unseasonably warm) Lancaster, PA. We've talked about it a lot on the forum already, and after meeting with many of the guys after the games, I'm more excited than ever about the future of Bolt Action. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Bandai Plastic Model T-34/76 and SU-85

Recently I scored big when the manager of my FLGS, Hobbycraft, sold me thirty six 1/48 scale plastic model kits from his private collection for $200.  My buddy Joe and I went in on the deal and each of us ended up with eighteen models for $100.  Even though I hate the time commitment of traditional model kits, this kind of deal is not one you pass up.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AAR: Soviets vs Germans in Maximum Attrition

(As promised, Sr. Craig Baxter has delivered a great battle report, featuring all his recently painted Soviet minis. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! - Judson)

My buddy Joe and I have been busily painting our new armies of Bolt Action and finally got enough troops painted to play our first game.   We settled on 1000 point armies and used up nearly every figure we had.  I was playing Soviets and Joe played his Germans.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Quick Look: Warlord US 60mm Mortar

When I ordered my troops for the US 29th, I ended up with an 81mm mortar instead of a 60mm from another manufacturer.  A single 81mm mortar is not very realistic to see on the board, so I set out to pick up a 60mm, and settled on the Warlord Games US Army 60mm Mortar Team (WGB-AI-22) (Editor:  The link says 81mm, but it is clearly a 60mm).

The package included three mortar men and the 60mm.  The bases I use are from The War Store.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Review - Black Tree Designs Soviet HQ

(This article continues Mr. Baxter's journey into Mother Russia. A battle report featuring all his recent Soviet work is soon to follow! - Judson)

With ranks filled and guns loaded, the brave sons of the Soviet Union are poised to take on the Fascists.  All they need is a few strong men, loyal to the regime and Comrade Stalin, to lead them.  Backed up by snipers and the watchful NKVD, these comrades are ready to lead our boys onto victory.

All but two of the figures pictured above are from Black Tree Designs.  The Naval officer and NKVD officers are from Warlord.  Below is my NKVD officer from Warlord, originally it was a Naval Officer, but I painted him as a political officer.  The middle figure is my Medical officer.  Eventually I will paint two orderlies to go with him.  Last is a Black Tree figure with an accordion which I painted as a Lieutenant. 

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