Battle Reports

  • [LINK] Soviets and Germans: Farewell Dex
  • [LINK] Probing Action - Soviets vs Germans
  • [LINK] Attack on Christmas Hill - Americans vs Germans
  • [LINK] Soviet Frontal Assault - Soviets vs Germans
  • [LINK] Hold Until Relived 1941 - Soviets vs Germans
  • [LINK] Battle of Attu AAR: Chevesy Pass - Japanese vs Americans
  • [LINK] Learners Game USSR vs Germans
  • [LINK] Hold the Gully Until Relieve The Finale
  • [LINK] Hold Until Relived US vs USSR
  • [LINK] 29th on the Move
  • [LINK} Fire Brigade Fights Back
  • [LINK] Hold Until Relieved Dawn at Hill 131
  • [LINK] US Infantry vs, Heer - Maximum Attrition
  • [LINK] Germans vs Americans in Envelopment
  • [LINK] 29 Let's... Defend?
  • [LINK] Huge battle!  Germans vs Soviets
  • [LINK] Airborne All the Way! - US vs Germans
  • [LINK] Hold Until Relieved - Soviets vs Germans
  • [LINK] Bocage Boogie
  • [LINK] Maximum Attrition - Soviets vs. Germans
  • [LINK] Black Death in Leningrad
  • [LINK] Bing's Bulge
  • [LINK] "Broken Arrow" Brits vs US (Point Defense)
  • [LINK] US vs Germans (Envelopment)
  • [LINK] 8th Army vs DAK (Demolition)
  • [LINK] Commonwealth vs Germans (Demolition)
  • [LINK] Soviets vs. Germans (Hold Until Relieved)
  • [LINK] Germans vs. Brits (Demolition)
  • [LINK] 8th Army vs DAK (Hold until Relieved)
  • [LINK] 8th Army vs. DAK (Demolition)
  • [LINK] Soviets vs Germans Stalingrad (Custom Scenario)
  • [LINK] US vs Germans (Demolition)
  • [LINK] US vs Germans (Envelopment)
  • [LINK] US vs Germans (Hold Until Relieved)
  • [LINK] French vs Germans (Envelopment) (15mm)
  • [LINK] Soviets vs Germans (Maximum Attrition) (15mm)

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