The BAR is a podcast dedicated to Bolt Action, the miniature war game from Warlord Games.  So pull up a seat and fill up your glass as Judson, Dano, Cbax, CH, and Captain TO provide you with up to the minute discussions of all things Bolt Action.   

The BAR is not suitable for those offended by coarse language. Discretion is advised.

  • Episode 1 Dano and Judson welcome you to the first episode of Bolt Action Radio - welcome to the BAR!  In the show, the boys talk about how they got into Bolt Action, how they ended up joining the WWPD crew and the rest of the story behind starting BoltAction.Net. In addition, they mention their first impressions of the game, and offer a glimpse of what they have planned for Fall-In.
  • Episode 2 Dano and Judson dive into list building in Bolt Action.
  • Episode 3 The dudes slide on up the BAR and talk missions.
  • Episode 4 Dano and Judson chat with Alessio Cavatore!  
  • Episode 5 The dudes talk transport rules and other Bolt Actiony stuff.
  • Episode 6 Dano and Judson get after it again, this time diving head-first into the Armies of Germany book.
  • Episode 7 Judson is joined by Steven and Jon, and later meets Dano at the BAH.  The dudes discuss Armies of The Unit States and more!
  • Episode 8 The boys show back up at The BAR after an extended break for Cold Wars. Dano grills Judson about the convention, and maybe more importantly, tournament he attended.
  • Episode 9 Dano and Judson find themselves back in The BAR with a copy of The Armies of the Soviet Union book. (That poor book, alone with those two!) Many flamethrowers ensue.  Andy Chambers interviewed!
  • Episode 10 Our security crew's quit - something about demanding actual wages for their work - and The BAR lets anyone come in!
  • Episode 11 Dano and Judson talk about the list making process. After a couple hours, they figure out this is not a topic to cover in just a couple hours.
    Episode 12 The BAR's back in business and the "fluids" are in their "appropriate receptacles". Captain TO sidles up first to talk about his upcoming Historicon events
  • Episode 13 The BAR is back open after Historicon, and Captain TO, Baxter, CH, and Judson are in to talk about it. Between slugs of TO-choking scotch, the guys discuss the Tank Battles tournament first, before getting into the Standard tournament in the second half. 
  • Episode 14 The BAR is open. Join Judson, Capt. TO, and Baxter as they celebrate Bolt Action's first birthday and crack open Armies of France. Later stay up late and have a drink with Judson and Dano at the Speakeasy. 
  • Episode 15 We welcome an honored guest into the BAR to talk about what is in store in the coming year. After that Judson lets the Riffraff in to talk about as the dudes dissect all the juicy details. 
  • Episode 16 The boys interview Rabid Monkey and learn about 3D printing, then we taken a trip on the wild side and meet up with Old Man Morin from LRDG
  • Episode 17 is cocked and ready to rock your ears off with Captain TO, CBax, CH, and Jud With Three Ds. First off, CH tells everyone about the recent tournament at Huzzah, then the good Captain and company get into a preview of the Bolt Action-Action coming up at Fall-In. In the second segment, the most recent FAQ changes are discussed in-depth. 
  • Episode 18 With Captain TO's Fall-In tournament behind them, Chris, Judson and the good Captain himself sit down for drinks and a little analysis of the Bolt Actioneering that went on in Lancaster, PA. During the tournament wrap up, they cover many subjects; and as usual, most of the topics are nearly relevant! Terrain and army list composition are two of the many bases covered in this, the Fall-In '13 review episode.
  • Episode 19 Episode 19 of Bolt Action Radio finds The BAR frozen over, courtesy of General Winter. Baxter takes his snow suit off long enough to sit down and have a drink with Dano and Judson. The patrons talk about some upcoming events in the community, some recent miniature companies they've dealt with, some shop talk, and go out of their way to make this episode about everything but tournament play. Drinks are mentioned, and speaking of drinks, soldier of fortune Dano's picking up the tab tonight!
  • Episode 20 Captain TO, CH, and Judson are joined by Shawn Morris - The Terrain Guy - in Episode 20 of Bolt Action Radio. If you've never heard of him, or his work, you owe it to yourself to tune in as he explains his amazing table and display board commission work. Later on, the BARbarians talk Italians, and upcoming events around the globe.
  • Episode 21 Judson, Dano, and their special guests from the LRDG have a big announcement to make, and talk big things for the future. Later on, things get rowdy as the Boys of Bolt Action talk about Cancon and a certain, recent, hot button forum topic. While every attempt was made to reign in the language, please be warned that an occasional bit of vulgarity sneaks its way into the normally civilized discourse you've come to expect at The BAR. Listener discretion is advised!
  • Episode 22 Welcome back, BARbarians, for episode twenty-two of Bolt Action Radio. Cbax, the good Captain TO, and the newly-crowned, Dark Lord of Hate and Evil, Chris Hecht join Judson for a round at The BAR. Starting things off is a quick rundown of the tournaments at Cold Wars. (Those of you with premium access heard different coverage last week.) Next up, the guys talk about their initial reactions to the optional air power rules recently released, before CBax delves deeply into his brand new, unofficial, and very popular, Ethiopian army list. Captain TO mentions that Lieutenant TO bought a Lamborghini with the money he made at Cold Wars, as well!

LRDG Radio
The LRDG joined forces with Boltaction.net in February 2014 and is a monthly, Melbourne based, Bolt Action Podcast. The LRDG is a bunch of fun-loving war-gamers who love Bolt Action.  Old Man Morin, Dave of War, The Mouth of Madness, Tobu and Patch are here to help you believe in yourself so all your dreams come true, and that is 100% better.

LRDG is not suitable for those offended by coarse language. Discretion is advised.

  • LRDG Episode 12 the LRDG are back with a full cast! Lachlan returns from his mansard imprisonment, the boys talk history and generally cover lots of crunch! Lots of guest appearances by the crew! Tune in, Wild Turkeys!  
  • LRDG Episode 13 This time around the boys decide to try something novel: Sobriety! Join Dave'O'War, The Mouth of Madness and Old Man Morin as they break down the highlights of Bradcon 2014 in all the musical details.  Italians get more discussion and the boys look at the uses of howitzers VS mortars.  The lads also take a long, hard look at Bob Emmerson's resin vehicle range, and do a little compare and contrast with the newest and best from Warlord and Company B.   Come aboard mates and see what the LRDG are like...  without booze!?!

The Speakeasy
So you haven't had enough BAR? Join the boys for even more Bolt Action chat over at the Speakeasy. The boys are going deeper to help give you all the Bolt Action chat you need.

Speakeasy is not suitable for those offended by coarse language. Discretion is advised. 

Note: Speakeasy episode numbers are related to the Bolt Action Radio episode they go with and require a WWPD premium subscription.   Subscribe Here

  • Speakeasy 15 Judson and Dano waste no time in this episode of Speakeasy, jumping right into some second-level shop talk. First, Dan reveals a secret and talks about his latest list. Later, the boys discuss the less obvious resources involved in making a list, before finishing things off with Judson's latest list theory
  • Speakeasy 18 Dano and Judson open the Speakeasy for business once again, welcoming none other than Nemesis A - one of many names for the man, myth, legend that is Andy. That's right, BARbarians, he does exist, and he's stopped in to talk about his tournament winning experience at Fall-In. True to form, this Speakeasy episode covers it all; list building, tactics, terrain, and of course, Speakin' Easy!
  • Speakeasy 19 Episode 19 of Speakeasy is here, BARbarians! Dano, Nemesis A, and Judson are back to talk big shop with you; covering topics such as the most recent BTD sale, modeling IJA spearmen, kicking tails with the IJA, and getting your tail kicked playing the Russians against them. This episode may or may not contain 100% less arguing than the last, but it's guaranteed (by Dano) to be 100% better 
  • Speakeasy 21 Captain TO, CBax, and Judson are on the Speakeasy this time around, and they've got a lot to tell you! TO unleashes some Cold Wars secrets, Judson tries to keep people from talking about meth, and CBax has a huge surprise for anyone interested in early, east African, WWII action - special thanks to the latest LRDG episode for setting this up unintentionally! Enjoy the show as you make your way to Lancaster for Cold Wars. See you there!
  • Speakeasy 21.5 In episode 21 & 1/2 of Speakeasy, CBax and Judson begin the long, post-convention, re-humanization process, while Dano grills them for information. The recent elevation of the Japanese Army to major Bolt Action player status is discussed, as well as game play revelations that occurred during Cold Wars. List discussions! Powerful units! New armies sweeping the scene! This is a big ep, BARbarians!
  • Speakeasy 22 Episode 22 brings it all the way back to the basics - Dano's got a list he needs to tighten up before a big tournament, and the boys talk it out.

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