The BAR
The BAR is a podcast dedicated to Bolt Action, the miniature war game from Warlord Games.  So pull up a seat and fill up your glass as Judson, Dano, Cbax, CH, and Captain TO provide you with up to the minute discussions of all things Bolt Action.   

The BAR is not suitable for those offended by coarse language. Discretion is advised.

  • Episode 1 Dano and Judson welcome you to the first episode of Bolt Action Radio - welcome to the BAR!  In the show, the boys talk about how they got into Bolt Action, how they ended up joining the WWPD crew and the rest of the story behind starting BoltAction.Net. In addition, they mention their first impressions of the game, and offer a glimpse of what they have planned for Fall-In.
  • Episode 2 Dano and Judson dive into list building in Bolt Action.
  • Episode 3 The dudes slide on up the BAR and talk missions.
  • Episode 4 Dano and Judson chat with Alessio Cavatore!  
  • Episode 5 The dudes talk transport rules and other Bolt Actiony stuff.
  • Episode 6 Dano and Judson get after it again, this time diving head-first into the Armies of Germany book.
  • Episode 7 Judson is joined by Steven and Jon, and later meets Dano at the BAH.  The dudes discuss Armies of The Unit States and more!
  • Episode 8 The boys show back up at The BAR after an extended break for Cold Wars. Dano grills Judson about the convention, and maybe more importantly, tournament he attended.
  • Episode 9 Dano and Judson find themselves back in The BAR with a copy of The Armies of the Soviet Union book. (That poor book, alone with those two!) Many flamethrowers ensue.  Andy Chambers interviewed!
  • Episode 10 Our security crew's quit - something about demanding actual wages for their work - and The BAR lets anyone come in!
  • Episode 11 Dano and Judson talk about the list making process. After a couple hours, they figure out this is not a topic to cover in just a couple hours. 
  • Episode 12 The BAR's back in business and the "fluids" are in their "appropriate receptacles". Captain TO sidles up first to talk about his upcoming Historicon events
  • Episode 13 The BAR is back open after Historicon, and Captain TO, Baxter, CH, and Judson are in to talk about it. Between slugs of TO-choking scotch, the guys discuss the Tank Battles tournament first, before getting into the Standard tournament in the second half. 
  • Episode 14 The BAR is open. Join Judson, Capt. TO, and Baxter as they celebrate Bolt Action's first birthday and crack open Armies of France. Later stay up late and have a drink with Judson and Dano at the Speakeasy. 
  • Episode 15 We welcome an honored guest into the BAR to talk about what is in store in the coming year. After that Judson lets the Riffraff in to talk about as the dudes dissect all the juicy details. 
  • Episode 16 The boys interview Rabid Monkey and learn about 3D printing, then we taken a trip on the wild side and meet up with Old Man Morin from LRDG
  • Episode 17 is cocked and ready to rock your ears off with Captain TO, CBax, CH, and Jud With Three Ds. First off, CH tells everyone about the recent tournament at Huzzah, then the good Captain and company get into a preview of the Bolt Action-Action coming up at Fall-In. In the second segment, the most recent FAQ changes are discussed in-depth. 
  • Episode 18 With Captain TO's Fall-In tournament behind them, Chris, Judson and the good Captain himself sit down for drinks and a little analysis of the Bolt Actioneering that went on in Lancaster, PA. During the tournament wrap up, they cover many subjects; and as usual, most of the topics are nearly relevant! Terrain and army list composition are two of the many bases covered in this, the Fall-In '13 review episode.
  • Episode 19 Episode 19 of Bolt Action Radio finds The BAR frozen over, courtesy of General Winter. Baxter takes his snow suit off long enough to sit down and have a drink with Dano and Judson. The patrons talk about some upcoming events in the community, some recent miniature companies they've dealt with, some shop talk, and go out of their way to make this episode about everything but tournament play. Drinks are mentioned, and speaking of drinks, soldier of fortune Dano's picking up the tab tonight!
  • Episode 20 Captain TO, CH, and Judson are joined by Shawn Morris - The Terrain Guy - in Episode 20 of Bolt Action Radio. If you've never heard of him, or his work, you owe it to yourself to tune in as he explains his amazing table and display board commission work. Later on, the BARbarians talk Italians, and upcoming events around the globe.
  • Episode 21 Judson, Dano, and their special guests from the LRDG have a big announcement to make, and talk big things for the future. Later on, things get rowdy as the Boys of Bolt Action talk about Cancon and a certain, recent, hot button forum topic. While every attempt was made to reign in the language, please be warned that an occasional bit of vulgarity sneaks its way into the normally civilized discourse you've come to expect at The BAR. Listener discretion is advised!
  • Episode 22 Welcome back, BARbarians, for episode twenty-two of Bolt Action Radio. Cbax, the good Captain TO, and the newly-crowned, Dark Lord of Hate and Evil, Chris Hecht join Judson for a round at The BAR. Starting things off is a quick rundown of the tournaments at Cold Wars. (Those of you with premium access heard different coverage last week.) Next up, the guys talk about their initial reactions to the optional air power rules recently released, before CBax delves deeply into his brand new, unofficial, and very popular, Ethiopian army list. Captain TO mentions that Lieutenant TO bought a Lamborghini with the money he made at Cold Wars, as well!
  • Episode 23 On behalf of the original BARbarians, Dano and Judson, welcome back for another episode of Bolt Action Radio! In this show, the not-so-gentle men get back to basics and turn this into a shop talk marathon.
  • Episode 24 Are you struggling to find something to listen to as you read the recently updated Bolt Action FAQ/errata? Here's the answer! Bolt Action Radio episode 24 brings all the rules changes and the reactions of Judson and Dano to your ears, with the help of the new official band of BoltActionDotNet. To wrap things up, D and J talk a pile of shop on their current German army projects. All the German topics are brought up - assault rifles? Check. Hanomags? Check. Light machine guns? Listen in to find out! (Music used with permission, 2014.)
  • Episode 25 In the twenty-fifth edition of Bolt Action Radio Judson is joined by CH, C-Bax, and Dano Colrissian. The boys kick things off with some tournament announcements for future events around the world, as well as events that have already passed! Baxter let's Chris know that Gordon and his NVA guerrillas are gunning for him; a bunch of tank related shop talk, questions, and predictions happen; and a compete participant list shop takes place based on the troops brought to the Historicon events. A big consider congratulations go out to Brad and Kirsten for getting hitched, too!
  • Episode 26 In this episode of Bolt Action Radio, Captain TO, Baxter, DaveOwaR, and Judson talk about the Historicon experience. Unfortunately, a large portion of the final segment was lost because some amateur (Judson!) had recording issues; yet waste not want not! The boys will make lemonade out of lemons! Chat them up on the forum, where they will be lurking to fill you in on the mysteries of the last round
  • Episode 27 Tanks, tanks and more tanks! Episode 27 rumbles onto the scene with the force of ... Dolly Parton? In the first segments, C-Bax and Judson crack open Tank War and talk tanks. In the final segments, gentleman warriors from the LRDG join in to give their initial thoughts on the new Tank War book. A special, joint effort to dive head first into Tank War. Start your engines!
  • Episode 28  Bolt Action Radio is back in this special guest filled episode. Show number twenty-eight kicks off with C-Bax and Judson joined by the unofficial number one Bolt Action fan and painting output savant Brian Ward. These three imposter gentlemen talk a bit about everything, but focus on the secrets to keeping that elusive (for Judson) hobby production energy level high. Episode twenty-eight ends with a surprise segment. Old Man Morin, Judson, and special guest Ali from Home Guard Radio sit down for a fine glass of port and some shop talk. Big Al is too late with his decal and finish application advice to save the J man from hobby agony - but you may not share a similar fate if you tune in!
  • Episode 29 Episode 29 is here and things have gone so crazy people are calling their light machine guns "assault rifles!" The world is upside-down! Since recently everyone has had more reason than ever before to get tanks on the table, tanks are the topic that kicks everything off. Things get all Bolt Action Radio'ed up before long, though, and nearly every hot button topic gets some attention. 
  • Episode 30 In Bolt Action Radio, Episode Thirty, Nemesis Andy, Dano de los Danos and Judddson both take off and return from another glorious Fall-In trip. Tune in and listen to the tournament report that avoids giving you a turn-by-turn, roll-by-roll snoozefest and instead focuses on the big picture. Do armored platoons fit in well in the standard reinforced platoon scene? Do the scenarios still work well when treads are trundling across four-by-six foot battlefields? Are super-heavy guns over-powered? (Ha.) This and much more gets tossed about in the latest episode of BAR. 
  • Episode 31  In Bolt Action Radio, Judson and Dano get together to answer questions regarding the Bolt Action Dot Net Format. Curious about your 1:48 tank mounting a vehicle flame thrower? They talk about it here. Wondering why open-topped ended up shaking up the way it did? Find out in episode thirty-one. These, and many more questions you probably never knew you wanted to ask are answered in this latest edition of Bolt Action Radio.
  • Episode 32 In Bolt Action Radio episode thirty-two Craig, Dan, and Judson what's happened since the holiday break before diving into some tabletop specifics. Should you really forward deploy that sniper? How many troops can you really advance through that narrow gap with? Find out in BAR 32! 
  • Episode 33 Bolt Action Radio 33 kicks off with Judson hosting two special guests at the BAR. The jet setter Anfernee manages to pause his international travels long enough for a segment, and MarkDawg of BAR and LRDG fame (or infamy) drops in to make his BAR debut. As the only three patrons of The BAR they have plenty of time to talk about preparing to run or participate in a Bolt Action Dot Net Format event in the first segment. They then all depart for a quick break, and through the mysteries of recording science come back to discuss the lessons learned at two different Format events, both as a player and as an organizer.
  • Episode 34 In Bolt Action Radio episode 34, David (UberGruber) joins Judson for the first segment, this time lending voice to walls of text they would normally otherwise post on the forum. David has some format questions, and the two bat current Bolt Action events back and forth from across the Atlantic. Following this, Dano and Judson sidle up to The BAR to review their experiences at Cold Wars 2015 and toss around their usual shop talk. Mentioned in the episode is nws-online.net (thanks again for the huge tournament support) and several other notables! Pull up a stool and have a shop talk with the boys in episode 34!
  • Episode 35 Bolt Action Radio number thirty-five brings together Anf, Bryan and Judson for a bit of a reunion. Recently, the two goulash lovers had released an unofficial supplement for the game - a much needed expansion for the Hungarian army list! Together with Judson, they go over what first drew them to their Hungarian addiction. After, they delve into a bit of the research involved in uncovering additional units for the nation, and how the history made its way onto the page. Be warned - listening to this episode will probably compel you to start a heavily-mustachioed new army!
LRDG Radio
The LRDG joined forces with Boltaction.net in February 2014 and is a monthly, Melbourne based, Bolt Action Podcast. The LRDG is a bunch of fun-loving war-gamers who love Bolt Action.  Old Man Morin, Dave of War, The Mouth of Madness, Tobu and Patch are here to help you believe in yourself so all your dreams come true, and that is 100% better.

LRDG is not suitable for those offended by coarse language. Discretion is advised.

  • LRDG Episode 12 the LRDG are back with a full cast! Lachlan returns from his mansard imprisonment, the boys talk history and generally cover lots of crunch! Lots of guest appearances by the crew! Tune in, Wild Turkeys!  
  • LRDG Episode 13 This time around the boys decide to try something novel: Sobriety! Join Dave'O'War, The Mouth of Madness and Old Man Morin as they break down the highlights of Bradcon 2014 in all the musical details.  Italians get more discussion and the boys look at the uses of howitzers VS mortars.  The lads also take a long, hard look at Bob Emmerson's resin vehicle range, and do a little compare and contrast with the newest and best from Warlord and Company B.   Come aboard mates and see what the LRDG are like...  without booze!?!
  • LRDG Episode 14 part 1 of 2  and LRDG Episode 14 part 2 of 2 At long last… THE BOYS ARE BACK! In this megasized episode Dano from the BAR flies down to Melbourne to play in the LRDG’s first ever tournament. He is joined by the mad Canada fan (Anfernee) and the mack daddy of pin up art (Bryan) AND new comer Marky Mark. The show is broken down into easy to swallow segments each with a different panel of folks. Lots of good banter, LOTS of CRUNCH and some shenanigans ensue as the gang breaks in the new bunker… AKA The Eagle’s Nest.
  • LRDG Episode 15 The LRDG crew are back in this 50/50 coin flip of an episode.  In segment one, Dave, Tobu, Lachlan and Brad tackle a slab of beer as well as topics such as Marines, 3D printing, Chinese conscripts and the use of AT guns. In segment two, Patch, Anfernee and Brad are joined by special guest Alistair from Home Guard Radio (in)fame(y) to discuss Russians, upcoming tournaments AND a hell of a lot of painting and modelling talk.  TONS of the CRUNCH all around. Tune in, relax and enjoy!
  • LRDG Episode 16 Kicking things off in the first segment, Bryan, Brad, Tobu, Lachlan, Anfernee, and a can of Wild Turkey talk about the latest errata and FAQ update. They also get after the French Foreign Legion, not forgetting to include the honorable Jean-Claude Van Damme in the discussion. At some point in the first segment, Anfernee's secret identity is revealed to the world, while Brad continues his shameful refusal to use a Sturmtiger. Rounding out the first portion of the show, the boys talk about the new German metal boxes and the fancy German weaponry that's included. In the second half, Patch, DaveOwaR, and Brad talk about Senegalese troops, buying skis for your Finnish troops (and Finland forces in general), swapping Soviet and Finnish models, and gigantic tanks. A tasty episode covering all the Bolt Action bases!
  • LRDG 17: The Hungarians In this special episode of the LRDG we experiment with focusing on one nation and attempting to cover everything you need to know to field it in Bolt Action: it's WW2 history, collecting the miniatures and then some crunchy listing ideas for getting it on the tabletop. The focus this episode is on a lesser known topic, the Royal Hungarian Army. Old Man Morin is joined by Anfernee and Bryan as they cover Germany's 2nd largest Eastern front ally, which at it's peak fielded nearly 1 million men under arms and fought in some of the most bloody battles of the infamous Eastern Front.
  • LRDG 18: In Episode 18 the guys are all back from their travels abroad. In the first segment the guys talk about hobby plans and highlights from their trip before getting down and dirty with the new Armies of China PDF. In segment two the guys are joined by Uncle Mal and Patchimus Prime to discuss light mortars, smoke, and MOAB. Later still, Anfernee and Old Man Morin visit the Dawgpound to talk list building, comp, point levels and campaigns with the one and only MarkDawg. Ruff ruff!
  • LRDG 19 The LRDG are back with a massive 4 hour mega-episode! In first half of the show the Melbourne crew discusses everything from Lachlan’s sobriety, to painting and model preparation tips, to assaults and how to prepare for them, to whether or not to use selectors, to Dave’s Japanese experiences, to what you might see in a Stalingrad Russian list and EVERYTHING in between. In the second half of the show, Old Man Morin and Patchimus Prime talk to our man on the street in Queensland about the growing scene up north and why folks up there call Melbournians Mexicans. They also talk to the one and only Bob Emerson about his highly successful Hungarian armoured Kickstarter. Finally the boys chat about MOAB: their excitement and the event’s structure from a TO and a player’s standpoint. Turn on! Tune in! And let your mind go free!
  • LRDG 20 The boys from Melbourne are back like Arney! The guys talk missions, AT choices in the changing meta of BA, spray priming etiquette, and briefly touch on the new D-day to Berlin book. Lachlan gets down in the trenches and interviews folks during the MOAB event and the guys review the Offensive Miniatures LRDG truck. Finally the guys also take a closer look at the Armies of Great Britain book and talk through their favourite units and units that they love to hate. 
  • LRDG 21 In Episode 21 the guys catch up and talk about what they learned from Melbourne’s, one day tournament: This is War, Opening Skirmish. They also talk about their list plans for Cancon, painting tips and the pros and cons of plastic kits while reviewing new models from Rubicon Miniatures. They also take a look at the year in review and talk about their hopes for the year to come.
  • LRDG 22 The gang is back in this "live from Cancon" LRDG special! "The Rocket Man" Anfernee rejoins the gang as they report back about the tournament and weekend as a whole. The first ten minutes of this episode are a detailed "toilet report" that the faint hearted will definitely want to skip. The guys then chat in-depth about lists that they saw, rules questions they had and trends that were seen across this large national event. Buckle up... It is quite the ride!
  • LRDG 23 Dave O' War, Tobu and the Mouth of Madness get together with some pints of Guinness and a jelly pit for Episode 23 of the LRDG. The guys discuss their latest hobby shenanigans, the new expansion book from Warlord Games - Ostfront, take a look at some German tank models, and share some exciting news about upcoming events! So sit back, grab yourself a beverage and enjoy. 
  • LRDG 24 Dave O' War and the Mouth of Madness are joined by none other than Mr J. Juddd in a Trans-Pacific Party Pie of an episode. The guys discuss Season 2 of the Boltaction.net Format, as well as pondering 'Weird War' and World War I possibilities.
  • LRDG 25 The Mouth of Madness and Tobu muster in the LRDG tent to debrief after Lachlan's successful running of a tournament. We also hear directly from the players of said tournament in the return of 'Taking the Thing to the Road'! Season 2 of the Boltaction.net Format and the Warplane rules feature as a topic for discussion, as well as some accessories to decorate your games table and hobby station. Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy! 

Ghost Army Podcast: 
The GAP is an new Australia based Bolt Action podcast with a community focus. Old Man Morin, Patchimus Prime, Anfernee "The Rocket Man" and Bryan "The Cookie Monster" talk about BA tactics, upcoming and past events, WW2 history and model painting. Special guests will abound in this monthly podcast.

  • GAP 1: Patch and Brad introduce the world to the Ghost Army crew before having an in-depth discussion of the Bolt Action tournament at this year's MOAB event. In segment two the guys talk to Paul from Blitzkrieg about their design process, upcoming releases and their philosophy about modelling for gamers. In the final segment the guys talk to the grand daddy of the game, Alessio, about his growing American army, controversial rules, tournaments AND the future of Bolt Action.
  • GAP 2: In the sequel to the first Ghost Army Podcast Brad, Bryan and Patch chew the fat over two very different lists from MOAB's Bolt Action Tournament. There is lots of talk about an Australian campaign in the Pacific in the context of creating competitive and historical lists. There are also more special guests as we talk to folks from The Assault Group and the man behind Melbourne's next big gaming event, This Is War. And last but not least we take a look under the hood of the newest Bolt Action book: Battleground Europe.
  • GAP 3: Brad, Patch and Bryan talk about what painting and army projects they have been up to before digging in the bombed out rubble of the Monte Cassino campaign. Each guy examines a force in the battle and talks about how you could build an army based on one of the multitude of forces that fought there. Anfernee, The Rocket Man, returns to talk about his travels and to unbox his HUGE Mad Bob Miniatures Kickstarter box of loot AND we sit down to chat with Peter West, the TO of Cancon, to talk about what to expect at one of the biggest Bolt Action tournaments of the year. 
  • GAP 4:In episode 4 the boys are back with lots and lots of Bolt Action chat!  Patch talks painting tips and Brad and Anfernee talk through their off kilter Cancon lists. By popular demand, the guys revisit Monte Cassino and chat about Internet forum etiquette.  Check it out!
  • GAP 5 The GAP is back with a HUGE 5th episode. The guys talk with players and the T.O.'s of Cancon and Bolt Action Melbourne: February. David Bruggerman joins us to discuss Cancon massive multi-player participation game and to talk about how to introduce the game in a convention setting. We talk about the new Boltaction.net conversion competition with owner of Campaign Books and Games Logistics.  AAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDD for the first time, THE OVERFIEND, ANDY CHAMBERS joins us to talk Ossfront, playing Russians and Warlord Game's next major BA release! The Pacfic book!
  • GAP 6 This episode marks the triumphant return of Patchimus Prime! The guys talk painting tips, updating old armies and early war listing before taking an in-depth look at the new units in the Ossfront book. The guys are joined by David from New Zealand to discuss the state of the hobby and tournaments in Auckland. They guys then sit down for an in-depth chat with Hobby God, Rick Priestly, and old friend to the cast and owner of Warlord Games, John Stallard about the future of Bolt Action and other exciting game releases from Warlord Games. 
  • GAP 7 In episode 7, Brad and Anfernee talk about their very different approaches to Late War German lists for the upcoming G Patrol tournament and recap the recent event at Kay Jay's Hobbies. All of this before talking to the one and only, legendary Michael Perry! Michael talks us through sculpting, driving armoured vehicles to the pub and meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand... amongst other topics. We then have our close friend Tristan on to talk about tips and tricks to help create durable, fantastic looking terrain.

The Speakeasy
So you haven't had enough BAR? Join the boys for even more Bolt Action chat over at the Speakeasy. The boys are going deeper to help give you all the Bolt Action chat you need.

Speakeasy is not suitable for those offended by coarse language. Discretion is advised. 
Note: Speakeasy episode numbers are related to the Bolt Action Radio episode they go with and require a WWPD premium subscription.   Subscribe Here
  • Speakeasy 15 Judson and Dano waste no time in this episode of Speakeasy, jumping right into some second-level shop talk. First, Dan reveals a secret and talks about his latest list. Later, the boys discuss the less obvious resources involved in making a list, before finishing things off with Judson's latest list theory
  • Speakeasy 18 Dano and Judson open the Speakeasy for business once again, welcoming none other than Nemesis A - one of many names for the man, myth, legend that is Andy. That's right, BARbarians, he does exist, and he's stopped in to talk about his tournament winning experience at Fall-In. True to form, this Speakeasy episode covers it all; list building, tactics, terrain, and of course, Speakin' Easy!
  • Speakeasy 19 Episode 19 of Speakeasy is here, BARbarians! Dano, Nemesis A, and Judson are back to talk big shop with you; covering topics such as the most recent BTD sale, modeling IJA spearmen, kicking tails with the IJA, and getting your tail kicked playing the Russians against them. This episode may or may not contain 100% less arguing than the last, but it's guaranteed (by Dano) to be 100% better 
  • Speakeasy 21 Captain TO, CBax, and Judson are on the Speakeasy this time around, and they've got a lot to tell you! TO unleashes some Cold Wars secrets, Judson tries to keep people from talking about meth, and CBax has a huge surprise for anyone interested in early, east African, WWII action - special thanks to the latest LRDG episode for setting this up unintentionally! Enjoy the show as you make your way to Lancaster for Cold Wars. See you there!
  • Speakeasy 21.5 In episode 21 & 1/2 of Speakeasy, CBax and Judson begin the long, post-convention, re-humanization process, while Dano grills them for information. The recent elevation of the Japanese Army to major Bolt Action player status is discussed, as well as game play revelations that occurred during Cold Wars. List discussions! Powerful units! New armies sweeping the scene! This is a big ep, BARbarians!
  • Speakeasy 22 Episode 22 brings it all the way back to the basics - Dano's got a list he needs to tighten up before a big tournament, and the boys talk it out.
  • Speakeasy 23 Continuing the discussion from Bolt Action Radio 23, Dano Without Robots and Judson With Three D's attack the show with spirit-induced vigor; but things meander as the guys talk shop like the microphones weren't on.
  • Speakeasy 24 Speakeasy episode 24 starts off with a Baxter and Judson segment. Equal parts NeckBeard and MarkDawg, they delve into a bit of the history and the game rules of the Kangaroo armored carriers, Baxter's cavalry and other shop subjects in between. The second segment finds DaveOwaR and Judson tearing into the possibilities the updated errata and FAQ have provided. Want to get gamey enough to disappoint your friends and loved ones? This is the segment for you!
  • Speakeasy 27, Dano and Judson join Brad and Lachlan for some multinational shop talking. As usual, some participants end up getting a little loose before the show's over, but this one is all about the shop. Brad's newest German list is kicked around, shoved down, and spat upon for a while. Dano gets emotional about his own list making philosophies. Lachlan may or may not tie anatomical references to Bolt Action games. Basically, it's your standard episode of Speakeasy! 
  • Speakeasy 28 includes DaveOwaR, Mouth of Madness, and the remotely-participating Judson in an episode recorded in the LRDG's neighborhood. DaveOwaR and Mouth had squared off minutes before the recording, so thoughts from their game is the primary topic of this show. There is a full breakdown of the "New Italians" and some Imperial Japanese back and forth before the Finns are brought up again. This time, Dave's Japanese gets a bit "shooty" and Lachlan's Italians gain a bit of veterancy in the shop talk. Of course, given the involvement of those included, as well as the Speakeasy venue, there is also plenty of weirdness and laughs thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!
  • Speakeasy 29 Let it begin! For starters Dano and Judson talk a bit of Fury, so if you haven't watched it, go watch it before they spoil everything! They get a bit of last minute Fall-In discussion in before making a special announcement that's probably going to cause a stir. Later on, Captain TO jumps in to bring everyone up to speed on what they can expect at one of his events - specifically Fall-In '14 - and any time the good Captain comes on, it's a valuable listen for anyone that runs their own events.
  • Speakeasy 30 Episode 30 of Speakeasy, Dano reacts to his first game using the Bolt Action Dot Net Format rules. This is an extended shop talk session immediately following a game, so all the major topics get mentioned. Light machine guns, flamethrowers - you name it. As a reminder, the Speakeasy crew invites you to weigh in with your own experiences in using the new rules.
  • Speakeasy 32 In Speakeasy Episode 32, Bolt Actioneering BARbarians Dano and Judson are joined by special guest and friend of the show Stephen Bonnar for some good old fashioned shop talk. The topics are wide ranging, but among them is an in depth breakdown of the "best" infantry squads and support units in the game.
  • Speakeasy 33 Judson and Dano are back for Speakeasy 33 and boy, are their thumbs blistered! They fly out of the gates with some Bolt Action / Nintendo metaphor and the up-up-down-down-left-righting is on full display. After that, the two talk a bit about their recent efforts in writing lists for an upcoming Early War tournament as well as seven yard go routes and the Raiders' own Bo Jackson.

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